Packaged Food
Packaged Food
Packaged Food

Packaged Food

To Begin: 

How many items are you sending?

1) Choose the angles and number of shots you will need for each angle.
2) Add to your order. 
3) Verify your order for accuracy before completing your order.
We will confirm details and shot list before beginning production. Please note, some large or more complicated group shots may not qualify for this pricing. 

When will your items be photographed?

Your items will be photographed to the exact specifications selected here, and shot on or around the date on our shoot calendar. Imagery will be ready within 2 weeks of the shoot date. If you need to shoot on another date, please contact us.


Key Points when Photographing Packaging:

photography of packaging

The image of your packaging should make your product look enticing and jewel-like.

Packaged food on white can be used for your eCommerce, marketing materials, public relations, and more. 




Please send your non perishable product in ready to shoot condition

No peeling labels, scratches, dents and scuffs. To make your products look their best, we may need to open seals, remove plastic, cut or destroy the packaging. For this reason, please do not send packaging prototypes or comps.

Your Sadie images are yours to use however you like.

  • Sadie images are specially designed with your needs in mind. Perfect for eCommerce, social media, email blasts and promotions. 
  • You can edit, crop and use these images however you wish.
  • Sadie imagery does not include clipping paths or silos. 
  • Sadie will not store your original image files. Please back-up your images.

What is included


  • Our experienced jewelry stylists will prep and style your items for their big day.
  • Our retouching team will perform basic clean-up.
  • You will receive a digital download link to your web-ready .jpeg files.
  • Your images will be delivered at the following aspect ratio: 1080x1080
  • Your images will be photographed on clean, knockout white background.
  • You own all rights and usage to your images.
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