Dresses, Robes
Dresses, Robes
Dresses, Robes

Dresses, Robes

To Begin: 

How many items are you sending?

1) Choose the angles and number of shots you will need for each angle.
2) Add to your order. 
3) Verify your order for accuracy before completing your order.

When will your items be photographed?

Your items will be photographed to the exact specifications selected her, on or around the date on our shoot calendar. Imagery will be ready within 2 weeks of the shoot date. If you need to shoot on another date, please contact us.


Important elements of photographing apparel flat



Product photography robe


Showing a little movement adds personality and flair.

Items go through basic intake and prep to help them look their best, but they are photographed as-is. Be sure to send your best pieces, free of rips, stains and defects.

Size doesn't matter, but we prefer XS, S or M to best fit within the styling area. We recommend sending all the same size if possible to help with consistency.








Your Sadie images are yours to use however you like.

Apparel flats/laydowns are great for PR, eCommerce, print catalogs, sales materials, eblasts, marketing and more.
Your images will be delivered via electronic file transfer in web-ready .JPEG format. 120 dpi and 300 dpi at the 1080x1080 pixel ratio.
You can edit, crop and use these images however you wish. 
Sadie Express imagery does not include clipping paths or silos. 
Sadie will not store your original image files. Please back-up your images.

    What is included with all Sadie images:

    Our experienced stylists will steam, prep and style your items for their big day.
    Our retouching team will perform basic retouching and clean-up on your files. Learn more about our retouching and post production process.
    Your images will be photographed on clean, knockout white background.
    You own all rights and usage to your images, including on-model! Learn more about our models.

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