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Bags, Bagpacks, Purses, Totes

To begin your photography order for bag packs, totes, clutches and other bags: 

Select how many items are you sending:
1) Choose your preferred angles from the available options.
2) Select the number of shots you will need for each.
3) Add to your order
Your order will be confirmed upon receipt. You will receive a shot list for your approval upon arrival of your products at our studio. 


Things to know about product photography for bags:


product photography toteThe front 3/4 angle pulls double duty to show both the front and side. 




product photography bag feature close up

Punch in on details to show features.








Your photography is yours to use however you like.

  • Sadie images are specially designed with your needs in mind. Perfect for eCommerce, social media, email blasts and promotions. 
  • You can edit, crop and use these images however you wish.
  • Sadie imagery does not include clipping paths or silos.
  • Sadie will not store your original image files. Please back-up your images.

What is included:


  • Our experienced stylists will steam, prep and style your items for their big day.
  • Our retouching team will perform basic clean-up.
  • You will receive a digital download link to your web-ready .jpeg files.
  • Your images will be delivered at the following aspect ratio: 1080x1080
  • Your images will be photographed on clean, knockout white background.
  • You own all rights and usage to your images.


Looking for more?


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Auxiliary studio is our boutique studio offering additional photography services and access to specialized creative expertise. 







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