"Working with the Sadie team while I was a Global Product Manager at Timbuk2 Designs was a professional, collaborative and energetic experience. They are thoughtful, detail-oriented, and fun to work with. The Sadie team managed to deliver excellent assets, despite our ever changing deadlines and last minute requests. On occasion, through creative editing they were able to make imperfect samples appear perfect in photography. I highly recommend the Sadie team for any brand looking for professional studio photography services!" - Jenn K | Timbuk2



"We recently redesigned our website- and Sadie did the product photography for the new site. I couldn't be happier with the results - the photos are bright, modern, and absolutely stunning, and they help elevate our brand image to a whole new level. Lovely people to work with as well, which is always a great bonus! We will definitely continue to go to Sadie for all our product photo needs." - Pam. G | Zoe Organics



Crow & Stone Jewelry


Crow & Stone - Before & After "Sadie is awesome, they're professional, easy to talk to, no nonsense, and life savers! I had tried beginner photographers to save money, in the long run I spent more trying to save and do it on my own, scrapped the whole thing because of stuff I couldn't fix without paying someone. It wasn't going to add up long term. I just thought about time, time is money and time is not guaranteed. I'm a designer not a photographer.

Sadie rescued me in my desperation. They are like everything in one package. I've gotten more useful advice and knowledge in one week then I learned in a year on my own, and their photography, speaks for itself, the work is super professional especially for jewelry shots. Detail is hard to capture with jewelry and they have it down! I couldn't have more gratitude for this team!" - N. Hirai-Stinett | Crow & Stone Jewelry



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